Monday, November 15, 2004 

Long Island Wall

Tina and I did a dive on the San Juan Explorer with her club, Emerald Seas on Nov 8th. It's a nice boat and the only operation right now in the San Juans, other than a boat running out of Rosario Resort. Although operating out of Friday Harbor, he frequently picks up groups at Skyline Marina in Anacortes.

I shot some macro, as the viz was so-so; 15-20'. We did 50 minutes to 79' (using EAN 32) and came up pretty cold, water temps were about 45F. Gotta get used to our normal winter water temps again! Others didn't last that long. It was a bright clear fall day fortunately.

The dive at Long Island (nee Dawn's Bottom) was great. The wall goes down to 200' and is covered with invertebrates like strawberry anemones and fish. We found a bright pink Red Irish Lord who didn't mind being photographed. We dove most of the dive between 60 and 80'. I have heard tales that there is a small cave at 125' towards the south end. Lots to explore another time. Members of my club (Marker Buoys) have been diving there for years; Ron/ Dawn didn't discover anything new, even though they put catchy names on it and other sites.

We liked the dive, but felt the boat was too crowded with 13 on board (he can carry up to 18 he says, but it would be ridiculous) and the second dive at the outside of Burrow's Pass was a bust, terrible viz, lots of current and not much to see other than a large pair of Sailfin Sculphin. Captain Ron had wanted to dive Bird Rocks, but the wind had come up. I (and others onboard) felt other sites were available like James Island, but he was in a hurry...(!). (A little competition would be a good thing, LuJac's Quest is supposed to start running after the first of the year.)

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